Photography is what I live and breathe, that’s why I’m here. And perhaps you’re here because you too seek to create portraits of your child that capture just a little bit more


  • spark

  • creativity

  • emotion

  • personality

  • simplicity

  • thoughtfulness

  • wow-factor


because that’s what great photography is all about, isn’t it?


I believe in keeping things simple, quality over quantity, and being generous with the best things in life – laughter, love and great conversation. I believe in celebrating those I’m lucky to be surrounded by, and that by encouraging people to be their true selves brings out the best in them. I believe we all have a unique story to tell. I believe that great artwork should be available to everyone. I also believe this might just be the first of the many times we’ll connect.  Best introduce myself!


Hello, I’m Nikki King.  I’m a children’s portrait photographer, a whole-hearted creative and a lucky mum of three. Based in Port Melbourne, I have the privilege of creating artwork for families throughout Melbourne and across Australia. These awesome people welcome me into their homes (or come to mine!), share their stories with me and - the best part – trust me to carry my artistic vision from raw concept through to finished product.


If you’ve been referred to me by family and friends, you might’ve already heard that I’m a people-person, I focus on your child having fun and I’m a genius at bringing out a child’s personality - I listen, I build trust, and I’m not pushy. Let’s face it, when was the last time you got your own way after shouting instructions at a [insert your child’s age here]?  Yep, I know how these little people tick!


Before your shoot, I’ll get to know you and your children and we’ll explore your must-have details for your portrait session.  We’ll walk through the available wall art, albums, and digital presentation formats so I can understand what will suit you and your family perfectly.  I’ve put together carefully considered product combinations based on years of feedback and the faves that my regular clients return for.


Rest assured, as a former microbiology technician, attention to detail is my thang, y’all!  This extends from the quality of your images to 5-star customer service. (If curiosity gets the better of you, you can read some of the things other people have said about me


Alright… Hang on a minute.  I may have overlooked one little thing.  When I said the best part was being trusted by my clients, artistic vision, and all that jazz?  There’s something I love much, much more: Looking my client in the eye when I deliver their completed artwork, watching them light up as they take in their child’s face, with renewed awe and wonder and pride in the family they’re surrounded by. It’s there, right in that moment, I know I’ve done what I’m here to do.  Take great photos, plain and simple.